I’ve been thinking lately about the will of God- His desire for us and how the Holy Spirit works through us. Some folks feel that all decisions in our lives have been predetermined and God is the great micro-manager in the sky. I disagree with this thought process. I believe we have been given the ability to choose and that our main choice should be to accept Christ!

There’s lots of confusion with this verse among the different bible versions… The NASB bible omits the “good” before man. Other versions substitute holy or righteous for good. The NIV and ESV version says that we are the one who delights- not God. Other versions (NKJV and NASB) say that it’s God who delights. Which one is right??

The word established in this verse literally means to make erect or perpendicular (3559- Strong’s Concordance). Another definition is to render sure.

Here’s my take:

  • God gives us the ability to choose.
  • We choose to accept Christ as our Lord and Savior (VERY important step!) so while we walk and choose we carry the Holy Spirit within us.
  • God works to render sure our choices and delights in what we do. He receives glory by the choices and works done by His saints as we walk in love with Him (Col. 1:27).

What do you think?

Grace & Peace- Scott